Oriental cat
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Oriental cat

Photo Album: Foreign White, Green-eyed White and Odd-eyed White

Foreign White Siamese Female Cat (SIA w 67), was born 09.02.04, about 2 month on this image. Foreign White is a special sort of orient cats — pure white Siamese. On white background blue Siamese eyes gain special depth and expressiveness. Foreign whites were created by English breeders by interbreeding white european short-hair cats with the Siamese. The goal was to make orient cats of white colour. As a result, three varieties appeared: with blue, green and different eyes (one blue, the second green).
White Oriental Male Cat (ORI w 64), was born 23.11.05, on this photo about 5 months. Green-eyed and odd-eyed white kittens are white Orientals, not Siamese. They get their eye colour from the Oriental parent. At birth they are very easy to distinguish from the Siamese — little white Orientals have a small spot (a «hat») on the top of the head. The spot disappers during the hair change. As for the Siamese, they are born entirely white.
To describe the situation with the inheritance of white hair colour and eye colour of orient cats, imagine a male cat with colour that we'll call a «white catsuit», which can be inherited, and a female Siamese or Oriental cat. The couple produces kittens, some of them have the same colour inherited from their mother (or genes she carries), and others get the «white catsuit». The «catsuit» covers the whole kitten body, only eyes and a little «hat» on the head are left. What children can be born as a result?
Foreign White Siamese Female Cat (SIA w 67), was born 09.02.04, about 2 month on this image.
When a Siamese kitten puts on a «catsuit», it becomes absolutely white. The «hat» on its head is also white so it is invisible, but the eyes are apparently Siamese. In such a way appear the foreignwhites (white Siamese, SIA w 67)
Green-eyed White Oriental Male Cat, (ORI w 64), was born 23.11.05, 4 month on the image.
Having put on its «catsuit», an Oriental kitten becomes white, but a dark «hat» on the head remains visible. The eye colour is Oriental, i.e. green. This kitten will be a Green-eyed Oriental (ORI w 64).
Odd-eyed White Oriental Male Cat (ORI w 63), was born 21.05.04, on this photo about 2 months. Remember that blue colour of cat's eyes can also be connected with the white hair colour. In the case examined before, the blue colour of an eye can be inherited only from one parent, and of one eye only. In case of foreign white, this effect cannot be seen, but a white Oriental gets one blue eye, and the other remains green. As a result, the kitten will have different eye colours (ORI w 63).
Int.Ch. Lilia Flori Jungle (SIA w 67)
There is a female Foreign White in our cattery, Lilia Flori Jungle. She has born diverse kittens:
  • foreign whites;
  • Siamese: seal-point, chocolate-point, lilac-point, tortie seal-point;
  • Orientals: black, havana, red marbled, white green-eyed and odd-eyed.

And it's not the limit of her "color potential".
White color
Black color
Lilac color
Blue color
Chocolate marble color
Black marble color
Red marble color
Black Spotty color
Blue Spotty color
Lilac Spotty color
Chocolate Spotty color
Red Spotty color
Black Tortie Spotty color
Blue Tortie Spotty color
Tortoiseshell colors
Siamese colors
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