Oriental cat
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Oriental cat

Tips & Hints

Acquiring a pet, everyone takes a great responsibility, as our pets need care, their fate, health and character in many respects depend on us. There are many opinions about how to feed, care and bring up pets. On this page we have decided to share our experience.

Kitten choice

It's better to make the choice in the kitten's usual home environment, where you can see its parents, compare it with sisters and brothers. No matter how fascinating do the little kittens look, we don't recommend to acquire them before the age of 2 months.


There are many opinions about balanced feeding of animals. All of them are usually based on experience. To understand whether you feed your pet right, look on its hair. If it's silky and glossy, nice to touch, without dandruff then your pet eats well. Otherwise you need to revise the diet.

We feed our animals with fodders of famous company Royal Canin. These are high-tech fodders which are divided by ages, breeds and other properties of cats. The fodder is very easy to use, as it doesn't need to be limited or given according to schedule. It is enough to regularly pour the fodder into the dish and constantly provide fresh water. The animal gets used to unlimited food and no need to get full up, eats many times a day by small portions, does not overeat and does not follow the owner begging for food.

Royal Canin is a balanced food. There is no need to feed up the animal with other food, it will cause disbalance which makes no good to the organism. Moreover, HILL'S and NUTRO CHOICE contains all the vitamines and minerals required to maintain the normal life of the animal.


The vaccination is very important and necessary. Even if you don't let the cat go to the street, it is not insured against perilous infections. Virulent infections can be brought on clothes and shoes.

It is very good if you have got an animal that has been vaccinated at least once. If not, it is necessary to visit the veterinary and to make the vaccinations. Don't forget to repeat vaccinations annually.

In the age from 4 to 6 months making the vaccination is not recommended, since there is a change of teeth time. Only healthy animals may be vaccinated.

Dehelmintization -

This compulsory clearing the body from helminthes. You should perform it once every half a year. It is necessary to make dehelmintization no later than 10 days before vaccination.


The regular survey of the ears is performed because the cat can't look after the internal ears' surface itself. The cleaning should be performed because the cerumen is produced and ears get dirty. Your task is to wipe a visible part of outside acoustical pass from the dirt and accumulated cerumen. Use wadded sticks greased with small amount of a children's cream for this purpose


The cat should be given some object for "sharpening" the claws (scratching posts). It is also possible to clip the claws on regular basis. Only the white (dead) part of claw should be clipped. Do not touch the pink zone of growth. It is gentle, sensitive, rich with blood vessels and nerve-endings. In case of injuring of this area cat will experience strong pain, the cutoff will start bleeding, and next time it will be very difficult for you to persuade the cat to undergo this procedure.

Cat's toilet

Now there is a wide choice of cat's toilets and toilet's compounds. It is much more convenient to train kitten to use such a toilet and compound, which was in its previous house. At first, limit living space (one room for example) and show to kitten a road to the toilet. Then place the cat's toilet in a secluded nook, and don't forget to clean it.


There is no need to bathe oriental cats without the special necessity. If you have decided to bathe it, be prepared to meet repulse from your cat. After bathing dry up its wool by a towel.

Castration and sterilization

Castration and sterilization are recommended in the age over 9 months. For castrated and sterilized animals the risk of development neoplasm and cancerous tumors is reduced.

Pregnancy and birth

The pregnancy of Siamese and oriental cats takes from 64 to 70 days, i.e. it is a little bit longer than for cats of other breeds. The enlarged, pink and hardened nipples on the third week testify pregnancy. There is no need to worry whether the cat feels good. Remember that the cats feel owner's mood well. Your excitement can be passed to her.

At 10 days before prospective birth put in a secluded warm place a box or basket, in which the cat can lie in all growth. On the day of birth it is necessary to create quiet conditions in the house. During birth many cats need presence of the owners expressing sympathy. Strangers should not be trusted with reception of birth.

Newborn kittens

The special care for newborn kittens is not required. All necessary care is provided by the mother-cat. You should place the cat and kittens in a warm place, without draughts.

Indoor plants

Many indoor plants are very noxious. Curious kittens are prone to try it on taste; therefore it's necessary to put such a plants in a kitten-proof place.

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