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Oriental cat

Photo Album: the Siamese

The colour of the Siamese is a character feature of the breed. Such colour is called color-point or Himalayan pattern. Not only Siamese have a point colour, but also cats of other breeds. The extraordinarity of the colour is connected with acromelanism (coloration of outstanding parts of the body). Genetics explains that their gene pool contains mutated gene. The Himalayan pattern is caused by a semi-albino gene, which is a mutation of and a recessive to the gene for full colour. It controls temperature gradients over the surface of the body. The warmer areas of the body will develop little colour. The ears, face (mask), tail and feet are the cold body parts and therefore have dark colour.

The colour is also affected by the environment temerature. It is common knowledge that the Siamese cat that are kept in cold environment have darker body colour than cats that are kept in warm.
Newborn kittens, Siamese kitten among Orientals. This also explains the fact that pointed kittens are born white-coloured, because they were kept warm in utero. In this photo you see newborn siamese kitten among its oriental brothers and sisters. Kitten completely white.
Siamese kitten at the age of 7 days. The kitten's points change their colour during the first days of life, as the body temperature decreases. In this photo siamese kitten of week age, the colouring points already becames visible a little. The final colour of points can be established in a long time, which depends on colour type.
Nowadays, there are many variations of Siamese colour. For a long time, only those colours have been accepted:
  • Seal-point (points of deep brown colour);
  • Chocolate-point (points of chocolate or coffee colour);
  • Blue-point (points of cold silver-grey colour);
  • Lilac-point (points of light gray with a shade of pink colour).
Other colours have appeared later: red-point (points of bright golden red colour), сream-point,caramel-point,cinnamon-point, torty-point, tabby-point.
Seal-point siamese male cat at the age about 5 months The most famous colour of the Siamese is seal-point. This photo pictures a siamese kitten with seal-point colour (SIA n). On the photo he is about 5 months old.
Parents: S*Sandvretens Jupiter (SIA n) & Sara Sahmet (ORI w 61).
Blue-point siamese male cat Amor Sahmet (SIA a)

This is Amor Sahmet, a blue-point siamese male kitten (SIA a). Blue-point siamese cats have very gentle mysterious color.
Red-point Siamese Male Cat Ilvar Li Sahmet (SIA d22).
And this an adult red-point siamese male Ilvar Li Sahmet (SIA d22). This remarkable cat is the honourable member of our cattery. He was born in 2001.

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