Oriental cat
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Oriental cat

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Fantasia Patri Sahmet - oriental chocolate marble female cat (ORI b 22).

Fantasia Patri Sahmet — chocolate marble female cat (ORI b 22). She was born in our cattery 26.09.05, her parents are Patricia Atlanta Sahmet (ORI a 24) and Manalishi's Fade to Black (ORI n ).

photos of Fantasia, 10 months
more Fantasia's photos, 3 months
Pedigree of Fantasia

Oriental blue spotted female cat Patricia Atlanta Sahmet (ORI a 24).

Patricia Atlanta Sahmet — oriental blue spotted female cat (ORI a 24). She was born in our cattery 22.06.04, her parents are Atlanta Flori Jungle (ORI n) and FIN*Kattilan Old Spots (ORI n 24)

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Pedigree of Patricia

Oriental cat Lilia Flori Jungle Oriental cat Atlanta Flori Jungle
Lilia Flori Jungle (SIA w 67) — Foreign White. This is a unique sort of Siamese colour — pure white cats with blue eyes. In the Foreign Whites' posterity can be various Siamese and Orientals. Atlanta Flori Jungle (ORI n) — pure black cat with green eyes, little black panther. Orientals have blue eyes only in childhood, later they turn into various shades of green.
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